“Shika usiogope” – 41-year-old  LILLIAN MULI throws herself at OBIDAN DELA and allows him to kiss her (VIDEO). -

“Shika usiogope” – 41-year-old  LILLIAN MULI throws herself at OBIDAN DELA and allows him to kiss her (VIDEO).

The Sports Cabinet Secretary, Ababu Namwamba, has formally addressed the recent reports suggesting a romantic involvement between him and Kenyan TikToker, as well as radio presenter, Azziad Nasenya.

During an interview, the CS emphatically dismissed the speculations circulating on social media, asserting that he maintains no romantic relationship with Azziad Nasenya whatsoever.

He remarked, “I must clarify that Azziad is not my girlfriend. I genuinely sympathize with the young lady. In my line of work, having been deeply involved in public engagements, one develops a resilience akin to that of a crocodile’s hide, shielded by layers similar to those of a hippo and buffalo. Those unacquainted with this realm fail to comprehend the challenges.”

CS Ababu affirmed that, as a public servant, he is accustomed to being subject to public scrutiny and has, over time, cultivated a formidable resistance to unfounded rumors about his personal life.

“While it’s acceptable to subject public officials to scrutiny, it’s equally unjust to propagate unfounded rumors that tarnish the reputation of individuals. Such behavior is inappropriate. Why would one wish to tarnish the standing of someone who, from my perspective, is an authentic hard worker?”

Furthermore, Ababu emphasized that Azziad Nasenya, along with other accomplished Kenyans, was appointed by the Ministry of Sports to a technical team, based on his conviction that they would contribute substantial value to the endeavor.