Arrow Bwoy Asks Kenyans to Help Him Raise Dowry For Nadia Mukami, “Naomba Mnichangie Sina Pesa ya Mahari.”

Kenyan musician, Arrow Bwoy, has made a heartfelt plea to his fellow Kenyans, seeking their assistance in formalizing his relationship with his baby mama, Nadia Mukami.

Taking to Instagram, Arrow Bwoy candidly revealed that the reason he hasn’t married Nadia is due to financial constraints that prevent him from paying the necessary dowry.

He humbly requested his fans to support him in raising funds for the dowry, sharing his phone number and enlisting a friend, Chris Kirwa, to manage the paybill transactions.

In response to Arrow Bwoy’s appeal, Nadia Mukami, in an interview with Kiss FM, clarified that she is currently unmarried and open to considering other suitors. However, she emphasized that until Arrow Bwoy fulfills the customary payment of dowry, she cannot consider herself officially married.

Nadia went on to explain that her dowry expectations are substantial, owing to the investment her father made in her education and the fact that she is now a prominent brand.

“I am a highly educated and independent woman, which naturally raises the value of my dowry. My father spared no expense in providing me with an excellent education, including attending an international school. Thus, the dowry amount reflects these factors, and it is imperative that Arrow Bwoy invests accordingly.”

Furthermore, Nadia Mukami urged men to respect and uphold traditional customs, stressing that without fulfilling the dowry payment, serious commitment issues may arise in relationships.

In conclusion, Arrow Bwoy’s heartfelt request for financial assistance to formalize his relationship with Nadia Mukami has generated significant attention, shedding light on the importance of respecting cultural traditions in matters of marriage and commitment.