Miguna Reacts To Delays in MPs Salaries

In response to National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi’s announcement that MPs have yet to receive their March salaries, Lawyer Miguna Miguna shared his opinion on Twitter.

Miguna suggested that it would be appropriate for the MPs to wait a little longer, since many of them have not done anything for the benefit of the people who elected them. He emphasized that the top priority should be the ordinary citizens.

Meanwhile, Wandayi called on the parliamentary leadership to investigate the financial crisis in the country, which has resulted in most civil servants not receiving their salaries for March. He urged bold leadership to prevent the country from collapsing like other African nations.

Wandayi also suggested that the National Treasury, the Central Bank of Kenya, and the Kenya Revenue Authority should be probed to identify the root cause of the crisis. He emphasized the importance of examining the actions and systems of these institutions, and gathering testimony and documents to establish accountability.