“Sitasahau vile ulifanya nifinywe makei” Sonko mocks Uhuru as police raid his son’s home -

“Sitasahau vile ulifanya nifinywe makei” Sonko mocks Uhuru as police raid his son’s home

On July 21, 2023, Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta broke his long silence after police raided the home of his son, Jomo, in Karen. Expressing his discontent, Uhuru lashed out at his predecessor, William Ruto, accusing the government of targeting his family members, including his mother and children. He urged Ruto to confront him directly instead of involving his family in any disputes.

Uhuru highlighted his past commitment to protecting the country during his tenure as the fourth president but emphasized that he would now prioritize safeguarding his family’s well-being.

In response to a video of Uhuru challenging Ruto, a social media user named Sonko commented without expressing any specific opinion on the matter.

When asked by another tweep if he feared speaking out due to the potential repercussions, Sonko responded that he wasn’t afraid of having his “balls squeezed” again, referencing an incident that occurred during Uhuru’s presidency. He stated that he had forgiven Uhuru for that incident and suggested that the retired President should join him in smoking marijuana to relieve stress.

When questioned about his past interactions with Uhuru, including allegations of indulging in immoral activities and smoking weed together, Sonko claimed that he introduced Uhuru to his girlfriend from Mtwapa. According to Sonko, the former president impregnated the woman, and he took on his fatherly duties by providing financial support and taking care of her to this day.

It is important to note that these statements are attributed to social media interactions and should be taken with caution, as they may not represent verified or accurate information. Furthermore, engaging in speculation or spreading unverified rumors can be harmful and unproductive.