Landlady who waived January rent explains how she got rich

Martha Wanjiru is the woman who went viral in December 2022, after announcing to her tenants that she has waived January rent.

She told the good news while throwing them a bash to celebrate the festive season.Martha has now opened up her home to KTN in the Art of Living segment Monday, January 9.

She gave a tour of her beautifully furnished two-bedroom home, explaining her inspiration to decorate it using Kenyan-made items.

She bought her property after valuable advice from her uncle.

“I worked for it like seven years ago and started the process of building the house.

I m happy because my uncle is the one who came up with the idea to build one house for me. And he said Martha instead of building one house, why not build some rentals and you just build up? So that way I have a bit of income when I come to Kenya”

Martha is 37 years old and a mother of one – a daughter who is 19 years old.

The land is an eight of an acre and I bought it for sh1.6 million”

She expressed regret for not buying even more land

“Right now it’s going for sh2.5 million. You can only imagine that was like six years ago “

What does she do for a living in Germany?

“In Germany, I work with my life partner, he does insurance but before that, I used to work for Mensis Aviation taking care of British Airways.

We used to do customer service for them. I was a customer service supervisor”

How did she amass so much money to buy land and build 15 rooms?

“Don’t buy Gucci bags and all that”

She has built a two-bedroom house for herself near her rentals that also houses her daughter who is a teen.

She gushed over her daughter

“Oh my God I don’t even think she is my friend she is my I am more like somebody she can tell everything so, in that case, I’m blessed and it’s nice to have such a relationship with my daughter.”

Telling more about her home she said

“I wanted a space where the family can come together”