Vihiga Man Finds his wife naked with her pastor in their maternal bed and takes a selfie with them.

In an unexpected turn of events at Hamisi in Vihiga County, a teacher named Samson Onyiso found himself caught in a dramatic situation. Seeking assistance from a local pastor, who also happened to be an electrician, Samson had requested help in mounting their newly acquired 43-inch TV on the wall.

Having entrusted the pastor with the task, Samson left the house for approximately an hour, allowing the pastor to carry out the installation. However, upon his return, he was met with a shocking discovery – the pastor was engaged in an intimate moment with Samson’s wife.

The betrayal left Samson seething with anger, rendering him speechless and unable to confront or engage in physical altercation with the pastor. Instead, he opted for a more unconventional approach to expose the pastor’s actions to the community and his in-laws – he captured a selfie depicting the compromising situation.

This unexpected use of technology to document the scandalous incident reflects Samson’s decision to shame the pastor publicly. The photograph serves as a testament to the emotional turmoil and humiliation he experienced, transforming a seemingly mundane task into a dramatic and unforgettable episode in Hamisi.