“I left Samidoh for the sake of our teenage daughter” – Edday Nderitu -

“I left Samidoh for the sake of our teenage daughter” – Edday Nderitu

Edday Nderitu has recently revealed her decision to end her marriage with her husband, Samidoh, due to his toxic behavior affecting not only her but also their three children.

In a heartfelt and extensive post shared on social media, Edday clarified that her marriage was not a polygamous one, as she had left Samidoh to be with Karen Nyamu, as Karen needed him more at that time.

Being a mother of three, Edday expressed that she could no longer bear the toxicity of Samidoh’s behavior, especially considering its impact on their teenage daughter. This toxic environment had taken a toll on their family, leading to her eventual decision to part ways.

Emphasizing her strength and independence, Edday asserted that she was confidently taking care of her three children in the US without any assistance from Samidoh. She requested not to be involved in the drama between her estranged husband and Karen Nyamu, Samidoh’s baby mama.

With her honest and heartfelt statement, Edday shed light on her difficult journey and decision, focusing on creating a better life for herself and her children, despite the challenges she faced during this tumultuous time.