“Ringtone Apoko Amewekwa Na Mumama Wa 87 Years Huko Runda”.

Flamboyant gospel artist, Ringtone Apoko has been exposed as one of the many celebrities who are being kept by older women.

The artist was exposed by popular content creator, Casypool who alleged that Apoko is being sponsored by an elderly woman in the leafy suburbs of Runda.

The content creator was speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali and alleged that most of the Kenyan artists are living a fake life.

He went on to add that Ringtone is very broke privately but in the public domain, he appears rich

Casypool alleged that there is an 87-year-old woman who is funding Apokos’ lifestyle.

He went on to ask Kenyans to work hard and be self dependent adding that that is the only way one can be contended with life.