Artist Boutross Munene reveals why he loves older Women

Kenyan artist Mwebia Munene, better known as Boutross, recently shared his fondness for older women and his thoughts on the music industry during an interview. According to Boutross, he values mature women with whom he can engage in meaningful conversations. He particularly appreciates women between the ages of 35 and 37 for their maturity and depth.

Boutross, a prominent figure in Kenyan music, is recognized as a rapper, record producer, songwriter, and singer with a significant following on social media platforms. His single “Angela” garnered global attention, reaching 1 billion views on TikTok. Additionally, he co-owns ADF Music, an independent record label known for its roster of talented rappers known as the AD Family.

When asked about the possibility of being in a committed relationship, Boutross expressed openness to the idea, stating that he wouldn’t mind, although he prefers not to settle down. He is scheduled to perform at the upcoming Raha Fest, taking place on Saturday, March 30th, and Sunday, March 31st, at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.

During the interview, Boutross praised the talent of Kenyan artists, expressing confidence in their ability to compete on the international stage. However, he criticized the commercialization of Kenyan music, lamenting the emphasis on profit over artistic integrity. He emphasized the importance of investing in marketing and business aspects within the music industry, noting that many local artists overlook these crucial elements to their detriment. Boutross highlighted the need for artists to prioritize marketing and business strategies to foster growth and success within the industry.