Akothee wants to try Diamond and Fantana’s romance with her husband Dennis Schweizer.

Singer and entrepreneur Akothee recently expressed her longing for her husband, Dennis Shweizer, after spending about a month apart. The couple had a luxurious wedding in Nairobi on April 10, following which Shweizer, also known as Mister Omosh, had to travel to Switzerland for business purposes.

In a heartfelt statement shared on Wednesday, the mother of five revealed her anticipation of reuniting with her husband after completing her visit to her sons in France. Akothee conveyed her yearning for Shweizer’s strong arms and affectionate kisses, emphasizing the significance of physical touch in establishing a deep connection with a woman. Despite the relatively short time apart, the artist confessed that the separation felt like an eternity. With work and responsibilities involving their children behind her, Akothee expressed her eagerness to focus solely on their relationship.

On Instagram, Akothee posted memories captured in photographs, expressing her sentiments to Shweizer. In a playful tone, she told him that she desires to make love to him passionately, drawing inspiration from a recent television show where Diamond Platnumz showcased a similar gesture to Fantana. She even mentioned that she learned some kissing techniques from a program on Netflix.

During the past week, Akothee has been enjoying quality time with her sons, Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo. After visiting them in France, where they reside with their father, she headed to Switzerland to reunite with Shweizer. A video shared on Tuesday showed Akothee and her son, Prince Ojwang, enjoying drinks at a cafe, highlighting their cherished moments together.

A couple of weeks ago, Akothee revealed that Shweizer had advised her to take a break from work, social media, and Kenya, encouraging her to join him. She also expressed her intention to step away from social media temporarily to focus on expanding their family. Akothee urged her fans to understand her need for a break and announced her desire to have her sixth child soon.

The union between Akothee and Dennis Shweizer, also known as Mister Omosh, was celebrated with grandeur at the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club in Nairobi on April 10, coinciding with Akothee’s birthday.