Njugush Puts Up His Landcruiser Prado On Sale For Ksh3.9 Million 

In the face of challenging circumstances, comedian Njugush has found himself compelled to part ways with his Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX, urgently seeking financial relief with a sale price set at Ksh3.9 million.

Njugush’s decision to sell his SUV was prompted by playful banter from his friends, Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja. In a video that has gained widespread attention, Abel Mutua humorously dubbed Njugush’s vehicle as a ‘kabati’ (cabinet).

In the viral video, Abel Mutua jokingly remarked, “Huyu mnaye muina hapo ni jamaa Timothy Kimani Ndegwa akiendesha wall unit yake safi, akiandamwa unyonyo na Machine …Kabati inaifuata hapo nyuma lakini machine ndio hiyo sasa,” playfully highlighting Njugush’s situation.

Fans joined in the jest, teasing Njugush for finally deciding to part ways with his ‘kabati’ after the good-natured ribbing from Abel Mutua.

Adding to the camaraderie, Njugush’s friend Phil Karanja recently disclosed that he, too, had sold his BMW X3, which he had initially gifted to his ex-wife Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress. The actor and film director had presented the BMW X3 to Kate Actress in January 2020, celebrating her birthday just a month after the birth of their child.