Pastor Kanyari Reveals Why Men Should Never Marry Women Who Use iPhones

Pastor Victor Kanyari has once again stirred up controversy among Kenyans with his recent comments on what he believes makes a woman unsuitable for marriage. Speaking on his popular TikTok page, Kanyari boldly claimed that women who speak English are not suitable wife material and cannot make good wives.

“Accept it or not! Wife material does not speak English. If I’m lying, tell me! And if I’m telling the truth, write in the comments, ‘Prophet, you’re on point,'” he asserted with great conviction.

He went on to emphasize, “Wife material does not speak English.”

Kanyari further provoked controversy by targeting iPhone users, stating, “Wife material does not use an iPhone! She uses a simple phone. If you see a girl using an iPhone, know that she is not wife material.”

As is often the case with the pastor’s statements on TikTok, these remarks sparked a significant number of reactions from his followers. Some agreed with him, while others were left in shock.

Recently, Kanyari has also been in the headlines for receiving a condom as a gift from a TikTok follower at the altar.

In response to the backlash, many Kenyans and netizens warned Kanyari against disrespecting God at his altar. Following the criticism, Kanyari promptly issued an apology.