Nyamira Boys High School Teacher Kills Himself After Losing KSh 50,000 Aviator Bet”

A teacher from Nyamira Boys High School has reportedly ended his life after losing more than Sh 50,000 in an online casino bet.

The deceased, identified as Kelvin Omwenga, who was employed as a BOM teacher, took his life inside his rental house on Wednesday night.

“I was informed by members of the public about a teacher who had allegedly ended his life by suicide. I immediately proceeded to his house where I found his lifeless body,” said Nyamira Township Assistant Chief Johnson Manyara.

“His wife had traveled upcountry after delivery. They had also been informed that his parents were ailing, and the deceased told his wife to go and see how they were faring,” the administrator added.

The deceased was teaching Mathematics and Chemistry at the school and had been there for a period of four years.

“He had stayed with us for four years. He did not report to work on Wednesday. His death shocked us,” said Nyamira Boys High School Principal George Onkundi.

He further mentioned that the teacher did not show any signs of illness, but it was reported by fellow teachers that he had a habit of borrowing money.

“He had mentioned that there were some issues bothering him at home. He would often receive financial help from teachers, but he was not under pressure to clear his debts,” Mr. Onkundi said.