Woman finds her husband’s manhood stuck inside his mpango wa kando

 Drama ensued in a hotel in Githurai after a couple that was having strange lungula got caught by the man’s wife red-handed. The man was having intense sex with his mpango wa kando in the hotel. He had cheated his wife with that side chiq for more than three months.

His wife had tried to warn him to stop cheating on her but all he did was denying and accused her of thinking the worst of him. However, he continued coming home late, denying his wife sex and not talking to her. When she started investigating, she found nude photos of the mpango wa kando in her husband’s phone and she was now convinced that her husband was having sexual relations outside her marriage. She was so hurt and did not know how to handle the matter. WATCH: Woman Catches Husband Having SEX With Housemaid, But There's BIG  Trouble For Her (PHOTO, VIDEO) - The Trent

She decided to call her sister and tell her about her husband’s infidelity. Her sister was so shocked and she asked her to get a spell from Doctor Mugwenu who was a traditional herbalist which could teach her husband a lesson. The woman called the doctor on 0740637248 and ordered the sticking spell.

The good thing about Doctor Mugwenu was that he could cast the spell even when she was far away. Later, the doctor confirmed that the spell had been cast and that it would help teach her husband an unforgettable lesson together with his mpango wa kando. The next day, she received a call from a nearby hotel manager who informed her that her husband had gotten stuck to his mpnago wa kando while having sex with her.

She rushed to the hotel and found her husband’s manhood in the woman’s private parts and they were all wailing in pain. Her husband begged her for forgiveness. Three hours later, daktari reversed the spell and the two got unstuck. They were given a thorough beating and the mpango wa kando was asked to respect the marriages of couples. Kenyan Woman Discovers Husband Is Cheating with His Male Friends at Party -

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How to Use Marriage Spells to Prevent Partner From Cheating

Are you worried that your spouse is cheating on you or losing interest in you? Are you facing problems or conflicts in your marriage that threaten to end it? Do you want to save your marriage and make it stronger and happier? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to try using marriage spells.

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Marriage spells are magical rituals that can help you improve and protect your marriage from any internal or external factors that might harm it. They can help you to:

– Catch and expose any cheating partner, by making them confess or reveal their affair

– Enable and ensure faithfulness in your partner, by making them loyal and devoted to you

– Prevent and stop any divorce or separation, by making you and your partner reconcile and forgive each other

– Enhance and increase the love and intimacy in your marriage, by making you and your partner more passionate and romantic

– Resolve and eliminate any problems or conflicts in your marriage, by making you and your partner more understanding and supportive

Marriage spells are not difficult or dangerous to perform, as long as you follow some basic rules and guidelines. Here are some tips on how to use marriage spells effectively and safely:

Controlled infidelity: Why Kenyan women are allowing their husbands to cheat  - The Standard Entertainment

– Choose the right spell for your situation and intention. There are many types of marriage spells, such as fidelity spells, reconciliation spells, love spells, etc. Make sure you pick the one that suits your needs and desires.

– Use natural and quality ingredients and tools. Marriage spells usually require some materials and objects, such as candles, herbs, crystals, rings, etc. Make sure you use natural and quality items, as they have more energy and power than synthetic or cheap ones.

– Follow the instructions and procedures carefully. Marriage spells usually have specific steps and directions that you need to follow precisely. Do not skip or alter any part of the spell, as it might affect the outcome or cause unwanted side effects.

– Cast the spell with faith and confidence. Marriage spells work best when you have a strong and positive belief in their effectiveness and your ability to perform them. Do not doubt or fear the spell, as it might weaken or backfire the spell.

– Respect the free will and consent of your partner. Marriage spells should not be used to manipulate or harm your partner, but to improve or restore mutual and genuine love. Do not cast a spell on your partner without their knowledge or agreement, as it might cause negative consequences.

Marriage spells can be a great way to improve and protect your marriage and make it more fulfilling and satisfying. However, they are not a substitute for real and honest communication, respect, and trust in your marriage. Marriage spells can help you to catch cheating partners, enable faithfulness and prevent divorce, but you still need to work on maintaining and nurturing your marriage with your partner. Remember, marriage is a commitment, not a game. Use marriage spells wisely and responsibly, and you will see the difference in your marriage! Why women cheat - The Standard Evewoman Magazine

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