Silas Mwenda: This is how I used my Sh. 10 million mega SportPesa jackpot

Silas Mwenda’s life, once overshadowed by poverty, has undergone a remarkable transformation, all thanks to the Sportpesa mega jackpots.

Fate smiled upon him not once, but twice, bestowing upon him life-altering victories that completely changed his course.

His initial triumph arrived during his lowest ebb in life, in 2019, when Mwenda emerged as the fortunate recipient of the Sh. 6 million Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Bonus.

Fast forward four years, and Mwenda, a native of Meru, found himself the recipient of another windfall, this time a Sh. 4 million prize package.

In a candid discussion with Sportpesa Care, he openly shared that prior to these providential winnings, he had perpetually struggled to make both ends meet, frequently lagging behind on rent payments. However, this stroke of fortune ushered in newfound financial stability.

Upon receiving his initial winnings, Silas Mwenda’s immediate thought was to invest in land and construct a family residence.

Moreover, he indulged himself by acquiring a personal Toyota Probox, effectively alleviating the burden of financial constraints. This newfound relief allowed Mwenda to engage in various entrepreneurial ventures, thereby further augmenting his income.

With his subsequent win in May 2023, Mwenda chose to invest the funds into a truck, thereby bolstering his business endeavors. He also used a portion of the winnings to purchase an additional family vehicle.

“I christened the truck ‘Blessing,’ as I consider it a divine gift. It’s now utilized for transporting produce from farms to the market, a task I previously relied on hired trucks for,” declared the now-affluent Mwenda.

His wife, Charity Mwenda, echoed his sentiments, emphasizing their modest past and their acknowledgment that life itself was their most treasured possession.

“In the past, our only possession was life itself. Everything you see here, from the smallest utensil to the poultry, has materialized from those funds,” she remarked.

Charity went on to express how they had once felt marginalized at gatherings, but the tides have turned, granting them an elevated social standing. They are now regarded as the “newest millionaires in town.”

“Nowadays, whenever we enter an event, the MC proudly announces the arrival of ‘Charity wa Mwenda,’ the freshest millionaire in town,” she enthusiastically added.