Man who left his country to work as a security guard in the UK now owns a mall and over 200 multi-million houses in Africa

When Hajji Yassin Bakaluba embarked on his journey to the United States to work as a security guard, little did he anticipate that this venture would lead him to overcome poverty and amass a fortune, eventually becoming the proprietor of multi-million-dollar properties spanning across Africa….CONTINUE READING

Originally hailing from Uganda, Hajji obtained a green card at the age of 19, enabling him to work in the United Kingdom. After spending 19 years in the UK, he felt a compelling need to return to his homeland.

Upon his return to Uganda, Hajji identified a significant issue in the construction sector. Many Ugandans living abroad desired to invest in construction projects back home, but hesitated due to concerns about financial mismanagement. In an interview with Wode Maya, Hajji expressed, “I came back here to Uganda and realized that there was a problem in construction since many Ugandans working in the diaspora wanted to construct and do something back home, but they were afraid because many people were embezzling their money.”

This realization prompted Hajji to venture into the real estate industry, where he dedicated himself to constructing homes for fellow Africans, establishing a foundation of trust within the community.

In the two years since the inception of his company, Hajji has successfully constructed over 200 houses for individuals who have only known him through social media.

Notably, within this brief period in Uganda, Hajji claims to have built a mall, 10 apartments, and a personal residence. Prior to relocating from London to Uganda, he had already constructed 35 apartments.

Reflecting on his journey and success as a security guard, Hajji attributed his achievements to a proactive mindset and a constant pursuit of inspiration. “I used to read a lot of inspirational stories. I saw people who came from scratch to riches and thought to myself I can do it too,” he shared.

Hajji emphasized the importance of setting clear goals and believing in them, regardless of one’s income. “It doesn’t matter how much money you are earning; what you need is a goal, and once you believe in your goal, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want,” he advised.