" She is my love!" Obidan Dela opens up on dating Lilian Muli. -

” She is my love!” Obidan Dela opens up on dating Lilian Muli.

After the video capturing a candid interaction between Lilian Muli and Obidan Dela gained widespread attention on social media, the renowned content creator and comedian chose to divulge details about his association with Lilian Muli.

During an interview conducted on 2mbili TV, Obidan shared that he and Lilian have been acquainted for an extended period. He emphasized that Lilian embodies the kind of woman he has been searching for, and serendipitously, he was presented with the remarkable opportunity to cultivate a connection with her.

Obidan Dela conveyed that his sentiments aimed to convey that Lilian Muli holds a significance beyond mere friendship in his life. His words subtly implied a deeper connection between them, indicating that Dela was disclosing to the public that Lilian holds a special place in his heart.

The viral video showcased Obidan Dela placing his arm around Lilian’s waist, with a playful request from Lilian herself for him to plant a friendly kiss on her cheek. This occurrence stirred speculations about the nature of their relationship.

While Lilian Muli has yet to address her association with Obidan Dela, the latter endeavors to infer that Lilian is his romantic partner. Dela alludes to the fact that they have shared a considerable amount of time together, implying an intimate connection.

Obidan Dela has been known for seeking attention through various means, including staging a simulated wedding with Manzi wa Kibera that generated significant attention. However, it was later revealed that the event was purely for publicity. Given Obidan’s reputation for seeking the limelight, it becomes pertinent to await confirmation from Lilian herself before drawing conclusions about their relationship status.