Nilinunua Hii Shamba in 2004,Nikawapea 42 Million Cash. , Where was the EACC? Mnataka Kuiba Shamba La Mungu.

Controversial urban preacher, Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a, has vehemently responded to allegations from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) suggesting that he unlawfully acquired land from Kenya Railway.

The EACC has pinpointed the prime location of Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church among properties allegedly taken from Kenya Railways, prompting a fiery reaction from the preacher.

During his address, Ng’ang’a openly challenged the commission to take action regarding the land situated at the intersection of Haile Selassie Avenue and Uhuru Highway.

“EACC should find individuals of their own caliber. I do not belong to their league. Even if we were contemporaries, our paths have never crossed. Accusing me of land theft is preposterous,” remarked the preacher.

He clarified that the land, which possesses a title deed dated 1980, came into his possession in 1993, following his release from prison. Contrary to allegations, he asserted that the documents he holds are authentic.

“And you dare claim it’s counterfeit. Your allegations hold no merit. Spare me the absurdities.

If any irregularity exists, consult the Central Bank of Kenya. EACC should scrutinize land records. Cease this charade aimed at tarnishing the government’s reputation,” Ng’ang’a exclaimed.

He vowed to confront any politician seeking to obstruct him, warning of repercussions for those who indulge in hypocrisy.

“The land was under Moi’s administration in 1980. Subsequently, Kibaki and Uhuru presided while the title was issued. However, I acquired it in 2004, independently of Uhuru’s involvement.

Throughout these administrations, where was the EACC? The government legally transferred ownership to me. Where were you in 1980? Test me someday.

I’ll execute actions beyond your comprehension. You’ll receive surprises from me without realizing their source. Engage in jest with Benny Hinn, not with me.

I am neither a pastor nor a bishop. Do not unfairly implicate me,” he declared, as depicted in the video footage.