“Ukiona mwanaume anaenda kanisa, huyo hana mbele wala nyuma ni Kafukuswi” – Andrew Kibe claims

Media personality Andrew Kibe has expressed strong criticism for men attending church services, labeling them as “Kafukuzwis.”

According to Kibe, he firmly believes that churches are primarily the domain of women, and men have no place participating in them. Known for his outspoken and often profane opinions, Kibe declared that a man found in church is lost and lacks direction. He emphasized that such a man has surrendered himself entirely to the influence of women, suggesting that churches inherently belong to the female gender.

A few months ago, Andrew Kibe shared insights into his aspirations of becoming a man of God and a future pastor. He revealed that he had desired to pursue a pastoral role, seeking guidance from friends such as Pastor Robert Burale. Despite harboring dreams of becoming the “greatest pastor that ever lived,” Kibe acknowledged that his overtly vocal nature became a hindrance, preventing him from ascending to the pastoral position. Church leaders disapproved of his outspoken personality, leading to his exclusion from the pastoral role.

When confronted with the question of his shift from a Christian preacher to someone with seemingly anti-Christian views, Kibe attributed this transformation to a period spent in India during a work trip. Living in India for several years, he claimed to have undergone a personal revelation that prompted him to abandon his religious beliefs. Kibe praised the kindness and modesty of the Indian people, contrasting it with what he perceived as the forceful nature of Christianity. This experience significantly reshaped his perspective on life.

Upon returning to Kenya in 2016, Kibe underwent a noticeable transformation. He launched a Facebook video column where he freely expressed his unfiltered views, particularly focusing on topics related to women and alcohol. Since then, Kibe has garnered a substantial following of fans who appreciate what they perceive as his “real” and candid perspective on various issues.