Sweetest Gospel Lyrics You Won't Stop Listening To From Sarafina Salim -
The Sweetest Gospel Lyrics You Won't Stop Listening To From Sarafina Salim
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Sweetest Gospel Lyrics You Won’t Stop Listening To From Sarafina Salim

At the point when you take Fish out of water, you will have taken it out of its natural habitat and it would for sure Die. To Sarafina Salim, the standard has been set and to her its already defined. The “mũthũngũtho” musician has stunned many with asoul soothing song, yet touching by the name “Njigũĩra Tha”.

From it’s begging nature it is a true indicator of one of the tunes that will touch you at the most profound piece of your heart.

Paul Kinyari is his producer, and has given it a delicate reggae tune. Sarafina’s melodious in the introduction creates an intention when she begins proclaiming the Almighty. This is her prayer to God.

She implores that God may answer her wishes, even when she calls in a foolish or stupid manner. She likewise request that God answer her in a wise manner, regardless of her wrongdoings.

“Rĩrĩ nĩrĩo ihoya rĩakwa, Ngai wakwa we ũrĩ igũrũ. Ingĩgwĩta na ũrimũ, ũnjĩtĩkaga na ũgi. Ndeitũrũra mbere yaku, ndurĩtie maru makwa. Na njĩtĩkĩtie atĩ, Ngai we nĩ ũkũnjigua.”

The words she alters, pulls us to the devotional and emotional side of the song. Her words are visible from her eyes and body language. Also the video being shot in a church adds up to this feeling.

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