“You are too old to argue with a kid Like me”. Mungai Eve goes Head-on with Andrew Kibe.

Content creator Mungai Eve has responded emphatically to former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe, accusing him of intruding into her personal life. In an interview with Presenter Ali, Mungai expressed her displeasure with Kibe’s persistent disrespect and interference in her relationship with her boyfriend, Trevor…..CONTINUE READING

She openly admitted her disliking for Kibe, citing his perceived arrogance and the belief that others should unquestioningly follow his advice. Mungai emphasized her lack of interest in his opinions and questioned why he assumes authority over people’s choices.

“I don’t like him, I don’t want his opinions. I don’t understand why he thinks everyone should follow his advice,” Mungai asserted.

Furthermore, she portrayed Kibe as a man who regrets not utilizing his youth wisely and harbors resentment towards younger individuals, like herself, achieving success and prosperity. Mungai urged Kibe to focus on his financial endeavors without meddling in the lives of others. She declared her fearlessness, emphasizing her unwillingness to be intimidated.

“He himself experienced a divorce and now wants to advise people on marriage. Perhaps he should consider entering the ministry,” she added.

Mungai Eve, a dedicated YouTube content creator, is known for her commitment to her work. She serves as an inspiration to many young people, conveying a message of hope and success through diligence.