Harmonize latest song was inspired by his Rwandan bae

Harmonize, the renowned Tanzanian bongo flava artiste, recently shared the inspiration behind his latest song titled “Morning Call.” Following a tumultuous breakup with Tanzanian socialite and actress Fridah Kajala, the award-winning singer had almost given up on love. However, his newfound love interest rekindled his romantic side and breathed new life into his music.

In an Instagram post, the talented artiste, known for his hit track “Single Again,” expressed his gratitude to his Rwandan partner for inspiring his upcoming song. Scheduled for release on June 2, Harmonize described the track as having a global Afrobeat sound, eagerly anticipating its success. He even shared snippets of the beats with his fans, raising their excitement for the upcoming release.

Furthermore, Harmonize had previously announced his intention to immortalize his love for his Rwandan influencer partner, referred to as Phiona or Yolo the Queen, by getting a tattoo of her face. He stated that this would be the final woman’s face he would ink on his body, even after covering up tattoos of his exes, Kajala and Paula, with a tattoo of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Expressing his deep affection for Phiona, the artiste also disclosed his plan to purchase a house in Kigali, Rwanda, to be closer to his beloved. In comparison to his previous relationships, Harmonize proclaimed that Phiona was superior to any woman he had ever encountered, emphasizing the complexities of love when money and fame are involved. He highlighted the length of their four-year communication and the strong bond they had developed over time.

Harmonize’s openness about his new relationship and the inspiration behind his music showcases the profound impact that love and personal connections can have on an artist’s creative journey. With his anticipated song release and heartfelt gestures, Harmonize continues to captivate audiences and leave his mark on the music industry.