Mulamwah: Why  I Always  regret being Famous

In the pursuit of fame and recognition, many Kenyans find themselves striving to go viral and become well-known. However, for celebrated comedian and radio presenter David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, the desire to become infamous has become a struggle. He recently shared the challenges he has faced since attaining fame.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Mulamwah expressed his regret about being famous. While it was initially one of his dreams and brought him financial success and a comfortable lifestyle, the overwhelming pressure that accompanies fame has taken its toll on him.

Mulamwah revealed that his life has been greatly affected by his fame, forcing him to adapt and persevere through the constant scrutiny and unwarranted criticism from unknown individuals. Consequently, he now yearns for a change and longs for a life of anonymity.

The comedian shared that his current aspirations revolve around completing the construction of his Ksh.11 million mansion, acquiring a car, and ultimately embracing a highly private existence. Once he has achieved these goals, Mulamwah plans to retreat to his village, reside in his mansion, focus on his business ventures, and lead an ordinary life akin to that of an average Kenyan. By doing so, he hopes to escape the burdensome weight of fame and relish in his own peace of mind.

Mulamwah emphasized that the intense pressure that accompanies fame is the primary reason why he seeks to fulfill his dreams and subsequently live a life shielded from the public eye—a life he previously cherished before going viral. Additionally, he expressed his intention to maintain his love life as a private matter.

Addressing speculations about his relationship with his best friend, Ruth K, Mulamwah denied any romantic involvement and clarified that they are simply close friends who share a positive connection. Going forward, he pledged to keep his relationships private and refrain from making them public. This deliberate choice reflects his desire to create a personal life that aligns with his newfound preference for privacy.