Musician Nyota Ndogo and Her Mzungu Mubaba are Expecting Their First Child Together -

Musician Nyota Ndogo and Her Mzungu Mubaba are Expecting Their First Child Together

Kenyan musician Nyota Ndogo and her Dutch husband Henning Nielsen are joyfully anticipating the arrival of their first child together.

The celebrated Taarab singer recently revealed her pregnancy through a heartfelt photo in which she cradled her baby bump. Intriguingly, she left the image caption-free, letting the sweet anticipation speak for itself. This forthcoming addition to their family marks a significant milestone, as it comes seven years after their marital union.

In a previous interview, Nyota Ndogo disclosed that they hadn’t actively planned to expand their family. Henning already has three children and even grandchildren from a previous relationship.

Nyota Ndogo herself is a mother of two children from a prior marriage. During the candid conversation, Nyota Ndogo humorously recalled their discussion about having more children. Henning playfully remarked, “We already have five kids between us; there’s no need for another one.” By “five children,” he was referring to Nyota’s daughter and son, in addition to his own three offspring. He went on to emphasize that he was an adult and eagerly looked forward to retirement, envisioning their golden years filled with global adventures rather than babysitting duties.

In an earlier interview, the singer shared her personal struggles with fertility, noting that if it were solely up to her, she would have welcomed a new addition to the family every year. Nyota Ndogo went on to reveal that after giving birth to her firstborn son, she faced a lengthy seven-year period before conceiving once more.