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Samidoh confesses he is lonely, wants Karen Nyamu back.

If Karen Nyamu was not so hardheaded, musician Samidoh would by now have legally married her but the musician is not ready to marry a troubled woman.

With all indications, Samidoh is head over heels on Ms Nyamu but the city lawyer can stand by herself without the musician’s help, I mean, she if financially stable.

Now, Samidoh has again taken to TikTok to plead with Njeri to come back since he misses her.

He was singing along to Mugithii singer Salim Junior’s song ‘Papa‘.

He can be heard begging Nyamu to come back home and as clear as it is, the song was not dedicated to his goat wife, Edday Ndiritu but to Karen Nyamu whose middle name is Njeri.