To Marry Mike Sonko’s Daughter, You Will Need 5 Lions, 3 Choppers, and Sh 88 Billion

Sandra Mbuvi, famously known as Thicky Sandra and the daughter of politician Mike Sonko, recently divulged her criteria for marriage during an interactive Q&A session with her followers on Instagram.

When questioned about the cost of her dowry, Sandra humorously outlined an extravagant list, stating her parents’ desires: “My parents want five lions, three choppers, twenty-two Bentleys, four Rovers, and £500 million.” This response ignited a flurry of reactions online, with some bewildered by the extensive list and others simply admiring her appearance.

Vincent Mboya, a content producer, reached out, offering to pay her dowry, but Sandra politely declined his proposal.

Regarding her romantic life, Sandra expressed her perspective on relationships, stating that they tend to hinder her ambitions, saying, “Relationships slow me down, they diminish my vision.” She also specified her preference for a partner, noting that they should be at least six feet tall.

When a fan expressed his feelings and offered his heart to her, Sandra’s response was pragmatic rather than romantic, simply stating, “No.”

Addressing inquiries about how she balances her academic pursuits and business endeavors, Sandra attributed her success to a team effort, revealing that she relies on managers for assistance.

In essence, Sandra Mbuvi shared her unconventional views on marriage, relationships, and the management of her various commitments during her engaging interaction with fans on social media.