Milly wa Jesus: ‘I can easily pass as the most beautiful woman in the Guinness World Record!’

Milly WaJesus has once again managed to grab the attention of Kenyans with her provocative statements. In a recent post, the popular content creator raised the question of whether she could break a Guinness World Record, much like Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, who has been attempting to do the same.

On her Instastories, Milly pondered over the possibility of receiving the same level of support from Kenyans as Hilda had received from Nigerians. She expressed hope that Kenyans would rally behind her in a similar manner, acknowledging the overwhelming support Hilda had garnered.

However, Milly then stunned her fellow Kenyans by claiming that she could potentially break the Guinness Record for being the most attractive woman in the world. She boldly stated, “I can easily pass as the most beautiful woman in the Guinness World Record.”

Unsurprisingly, her comment sparked a wave of trolling from netizens, with many expressing their disbelief and calling her out in the comments section.

This is not the first time Milly has made such audacious statements. Just a few weeks ago, during the launch of the gospel reality show “Oh Sister,” she confidently proclaimed herself as Kenya’s most loved wife. Milly asserted that she and her husband, Kabi, were the most adored couple in the country, receiving numerous requests from people asking her to pray for them to find a husband like Kabi.

Milly’s claims have often ignited strong reactions from the public, and her recent statement about potentially breaking a Guinness World Record for her attractiveness was no exception.

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