Kizangila Amechoma;Watch Viral Video Of Omosh Drunk As A Skunk.

Kenyans have been left talking after a video of Omosh Drunk As a skunk emerged.

The intoxicated man is captured staggering and it takes the mercy of a bystander who helps him walk to the gate of what is seen to be his rented apartment.

As earlier reported by, the former Tahidi High Actor had earlier on called on Kenyans of good will to come through for him seeing that the money he collected previously has been exhausted.

He said that people pledged money but never sent it to him adding that he only got less than a million which he used to settle his pilling debts.

Omosh called on Kenyans to help him purchase a camera, tripod and lighting equipments which he said will help him set up a mini studio and start earning.

In an interview on TV47, the actor revealed that as soon as his moment of fame ended, people turned their attention elsewhere.

“People pledged money that I have never received. I got less than a million which I used to settle my debts,” he stated.

“I am ready to work as a sweeper before I bounce back,” he said.

This is how he spent 1 million that was raised by Kenyans.