Meet a Woman Who Has Married 2 Husbands ,Who share her Rosecoco Together

The story of a Woman Who Has Married 2 Husbands has gone viral online. The lady is identified as Jeancy, and she is from Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jeancy is a wife to 2 energetic husbands. Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English. She said that it is not her wish to marry the two, but situations forced her to do so.

She said that she was once happily married to her first husband, but the man just disappeared all over sudden. After trying to look for him for quite a long time without success. She concluded that the husband is dead.

So she decided to marry the 2nd man and start a new marriage life. But after 3 and half years, his first husband who had lost , returned back home. It was a very difficult moment, because he found her already married to another man.

Both her first and second man had no place to go , hence the only remaining option was for her to accept both of them. In addition to this she had sired kids with each one of them.

a woman who has married 2 husbands

At first the two men were not in good terms.But after having a dialogue they understood each others mistake and decided to have Jeancy as there wife.
The three are now happily married, staying under the same roof and sleeping on the same bed.

However Jeancy said it is somehow tiresome because during intimacy, she has to serve and satisfy well both of them. She said that it is her wish to remain with one man, because the two are really draining her.