Jackie Matubia: I once regretted having my daughter

Actress Jackie Matubia revealed that she experienced deep regret about becoming a mother when she encountered significant challenges in resuming her acting career after giving birth to her first daughter. Speaking on Diana Marua’s cooking show, Jackie shared the difficulties she faced during this period.

She recounted the struggles, saying, “After the birth of my child, I was eager to return to work. However, when my baby turned 5 months old, I found myself grappling with intense depression. I cried daily as I went for auditions, only to face rejection because of my previous association with Tahidi High, where the pay was substantial. The auditioners were reluctant to offer similar compensation.”

Jackie acknowledged that this phase was the most challenging in her life, causing her to question her decision to have her beautiful daughter. Despite these hardships, she refused to lose hope and persevered for the sake of her child. Returning to work after childbirth proved to be an arduous task in the entertainment industry, leading her to contemplate her career stagnation and express profound sorrow.

She shared her emotional struggle, saying, “I reached a point where I looked at my child and wondered why I had made this choice. My career seemed to have come to a halt. It was an incredibly tough time; I cried myself to sleep but woke up determined because I had a child relying on me for support.”

Jackie highlighted the support she received from her family, particularly her mother, who provided comfort and encouragement through prayer. Despite a year passing with no improvements, she considered transitioning to an office job and even ventured into business in China.

However, a turning point came when she returned to Kenya and secured a job in the film production company owned by Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja. Grateful for the opportunity, she worked as a producer and was eventually given a ‘casual’ role in one of their shows, which unexpectedly resonated well with the audience, marking a positive shift in her career.