“I am still poor”-I will never vote Again,Githeri Man Says After The One Minute Moment Of Fame. -
I am still poor”- Githeri Man Says After The One Minute Moment Of Fame

“I am still poor”-I will never vote Again,Githeri Man Says After The One Minute Moment Of Fame.

When you want to know a one minute moment of fame, then look no further. Michael Gitonga alias Uhunye Wa Umoja is one example.

How he was used and dumped by big brands in the country is a story for another day.

Martin Kamotho, you don’t know him right? But you know Githeri Man, and that’s one and the same person.

Every kenyan who witnessed the 2017 general elections knows him, Githeri Man, he was captured on camera carrying a polythene bag half full of githeri while waiting for his turn to vote.

The photo that went viral saw him get showered with countless gifts and lots of companies approached him promising to offer support, typical of Kenyan brands.

The biggest of it all, one that he will live to remember is when he received the Head Of State Commendation after meeting with President Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi.

Apart from the commendation Githeri man was give Ksh 100,000 for ‘lunch’ by the President for his nobel act.. Carrying a polythene half full of githeri.

Big brands camped at his yard for pictures and cheap thrills and the man was on top of the world.Months later, news broke that he had become a total drunkard and was taken to Mama Care Rehabilitation center in Kiambu.

After the rehab, dude went back to alcoholism again.During an interview with a local station, Githeri Man said that nothing had changed and the only thing he gained was a one minute moment of useless fame.

The 45-year-old man also revealed that the big companies that had approached him during his moment of fame only made fake promises and only exploited his name for their benefits.

Username investment company, however fulfilled their promises and issued the man with a title deed to his new land.

That’s where he built his luxurious bungalow… Kidding, he lives in the same rented single room in Sabasaba, Kayole-Nairobi.

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