Trio Mio, a Kenyan Gengetone artist, To collaborate with American Musician, Wiz Khalifa on a New Song

Trio Mio, a young and talented artist from East Africa, has been making waves and capturing the hearts of music fans ever since he released his debut tune. His unique voice and style have set him apart and gained him a significant following not only in Kenya but throughout Africa.

Exciting news has recently emerged as Trio Mio is set to collaborate with the renowned rapper, Wiz Khalifa. This collaboration marks a major milestone for Trio Mio, propelling him into the international spotlight. Such an opportunity is not only a cause for celebration in Kenya but also for the entire African music scene.

The revelation of the collaboration came through an interview with Jinz, the artist relations manager at Boomplay. According to Jinz, the collaboration had been planned and approved by Wiz Khalifa’s management, making it a rare and valuable chance for Kenyan artists. Trio Mio must surely count himself lucky to have earned such an incredible opportunity.

Speaking about the significance of collaborations, Jinz emphasized their importance in the development and growth of artists. For Trio Mio, working with a seasoned artist like Wiz Khalifa opens up new avenues for creative exploration and will undoubtedly enhance his musical journey.

The collaboration between Trio Mio and Wiz Khalifa is set to take place in mid-August, adding to the excitement surrounding Trio Mio’s upcoming Music Tour in Australia. During the tour, he is scheduled to perform in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, showcasing his talents to an even wider audience.

In conclusion, Trio Mio’s rise to prominence as one of the most promising young artists in East Africa is truly remarkable. The upcoming collaboration with Wiz Khalifa will undoubtedly elevate his status and pave the way for more opportunities in the global music scene. As fans eagerly anticipate this exciting venture, Trio Mio’s journey to stardom continues, leaving an indelible mark on the African music industry and beyond.