US-Based Woman Looking for a Man to Marry, Insists He Must Be Educated, Can Cook, and Enjoys House Chores

Ogechukwu Christine Kalu, an African woman and educational consultant residing in the US, has taken to social media to announce her search for a well-educated, God-fearing man to marry.

In a detailed post on Sunday, June 2, 2024, Kalu outlined the attributes of her ideal partner, emphasizing education, faith, and domestic skills.

Kalu’s post, which quickly gained attention, specified her requirements for a prospective partner: “Now that my DM is clogged with ‘I love you,’ let me reiterate that I am single. I’m looking for a cute, well-educated man who is God-fearing, knows how to pray and intercede for the family, can cook, enjoys doing laundry, is homely, and can fold clothes immediately after laundry.”

She further detailed that the man should enjoy house chores, be capable of taking care of children, and have a good job or promising career prospects. Additionally, Kalu expressed a preference for a partner who loves public displays of affection (PDA), enjoys plants, and listens to worship music.

Kalu also stressed the importance of loyalty, respect, and faithfulness, stating that she expects these qualities in return for her long-term commitment. Her post concluded with a humorous yet specific requirement: “Knows how to pronounce ‘parallelogram,’ ‘otorhinolaryngologist,’ and ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.’”