Juacali: I Said Olunga Anacheza League Ya Mafala, and I will Not Apologize for it

Juacali, a veteran musician and a legendary figure in the Kenyan music scene, recently opened up about his disagreement with Michael Ogada Olunga, one of the top footballers in Kenya and the Arab nations.

During an interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, hosted by Mwafreeka, Juacali expressed his lack of remorse for his previous remarks about Michael Olunga. He stood by his statements, asserting that they were true and received support from Kenyans.

Around a year ago, Juacali engaged in a heated exchange with Olunga on Twitter. The musician criticized Olunga’s goal-scoring prowess in Arab nations, suggesting that his success was due to playing in a league with subpar players.

Juacali argued that the intensity of the Qatari league, where Olunga currently plays, pales in comparison to the top European leagues. To emphasize his point, he highlighted the poor performance of Arab nations in the World Cup, indicating a lack of footballing prowess in the region.

Continuing his stance, Juacali emphasized that Olunga must make a move to Europe if he truly wants to establish himself as a superstar. The musician expressed his deepest desire to witness Olunga playing in England, as that would be a defining moment where he would recognize Olunga as one of the finest players from Kenya and Africa. On the other hand, if Olunga persists in playing in Arab nations, Juacali made it clear that he would not hold him in high regard and would continue to criticize him.