Why comedian Njugush wants to change his name

Timothy Kimani, a well-known comedian famously known as Njugush, recently shared his contemplations regarding changing his name. In a conversation with fellow comedian Philip Karanja, Njugush opened up about the challenges he faces in dissociating himself from his stage name, which has become deeply entrenched in people’s perception of him.

To mitigate confusion and inconvenience, the comedian, who is a father of two, is now contemplating merging his given names with his stage name. He expressed his thoughts to Karanja, stating, “I am considering incorporating Njugush into my official identification because it’s challenging to detach it from how people recognize me. It’s for the sake of convenience, and as an alias, we can simply refer to me as Njugush Timothy Kimani.”

Njugush further acknowledged that different individuals address him differently based on their level of familiarity. Close friends and admirers fondly call him Timo, while his male friends refer to him as Tim. Additionally, his formal name is Kimani.

However, Njugush has expressed concern that his alias, Njugush, is sometimes used derogatorily by Timothy, his real name, during playful banter or light-hearted teasing. He mentioned, “Warembo ni Timo, maboiz ni Tim, for abel ni Kimani. Njugush is misused by Timothy when he wants to insult people.”

Reflecting on his career growth, the highly sought-after digital content creator attributes his rapid success online to the invaluable contributions of his manager, Judy Nyawira, who also happens to be Abel Mutua’s wife.

In a recent interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Njugush elaborated on why he chose to hire Judy Nyawira, Abel Mutua’s wife, to manage him and his wife, Celestine Ndinda, known as Wakavinye. As Njugush was not well-versed in digital content, they approached Judy, who had prior experience as a producer for Shamba Shape Up and with whom they shared a close bond. They initially sought her help in finding someone suitable for the job.

To their surprise, Judy expressed interest in the position during a meeting arranged at Garden City. She agreed to work with them and assist in restructuring their approach. Njugush emphasized that Judy’s motivation was not solely about monetary gain but rather her genuine passion for their work and desire to make a positive impact.

Together, they established a company, developed a pricing structure, and created logos to streamline their operations. Njugush remarked, “For her, it wasn’t just about the money; she wanted us to restructure what we were doing. After she joined us, we formed a company, established a price list, and she also assisted us in designing our logos. She essentially streamlined our work.”