“I’m A Good Kisser And I Have Kissed a lot of Handsome Men”, Pritty Vishy Brags.

The preceding year has been characterized by controversy surrounding Pritty Vishy, the former girlfriend of Stivo Simple Boy, who actively sought attention across various social media platforms.

In a recent interview conducted by Ashley Wambo, Pritty Vishy openly shared personal details, specifically highlighting her inclination towards kissing men.

During the question-and-answer session, the interviewer, Ashley Wambo, delved into the topic of the number of men Pritty Vishy has kissed.

With unwavering confidence, Pritty Vishy acknowledged losing track, affirming that, at the age of 20, she has kissed numerous men, including well-known public figures and individuals with whom she had discreet relationships while dating Stivo Simple Boy.

The complete interview is available for viewing on YouTube via the provided link (Ashley Wambo).

This disclosure lends credence to previous assertions made by Stivo Simple Boy, claiming that Pritty Vishy had been romantically involved with over 50 men.

In defense of her actions, Pritty Vishy attributed her penchant for kissing men to her belief in having alluring lips and being a skilled kisser. She also revealed that she is not a virgin and has a preference for adult content.

Concluding her statements, Pritty Vishy emphatically declared that any possibility of reuniting with Stivo Simple Boy is out of the question; their relationship is definitively over, and she is ready to move forward and explore relationships with other men. Previous interviews suggest her inclination towards affluent men who drive expensive cars.