Jeff: 11yrs Old Citizen TV Becky Actor Running His Own Bakery Business

Jeff takes on a prominent role as one of the primary actors in the popular telenovela “Becky,” airing on Citizen TV every weekday at 7:30 pm. Within the show, he portrays the character of Becky and Junior’s son, both of whom are central figures in the storyline. Given the intrigue surrounding the actor’s personal life, this article delves behind the scenes to uncover 10 lesser-known details about Jeff.

  1. Family of Actors:
    Jeff, whose real name is Prince Kariithi Mwangi, resides with his aunt and parents. Talent seems to be a family affair, as all three of his siblings are also involved in acting.
  2. Academic Pursuits:
    Currently a fourth-grade student at Sprindles Junior School in Parklands, Jeff excels in subjects like Math and Physical Education. Beyond academics, his hobbies include watching movies, drawing, and playing football.
  3. Early Start in Acting:
    Jeff embarked on his acting journey at the tender age of three when his parents, recognizing his potential, enrolled him in the Gifted Kids Kenya organization. This platform focuses on identifying and nurturing children’s talents in the realm of performing arts.
  4. Audition Success:
    Contrary to assumptions, Jeff secured his role in “Becky” through a rigorous audition process, impressing the casting team with his acting skills. He reflects on the competition, expressing satisfaction at having earned the role through merit.
  5. Diverse Screen Experience:
    In addition to his role in “Becky,” Jeff has featured in Netflix movies, participated in the Imax show “Usikimie,” and appeared in various TV commercials and billboards. His screen experience prior to “Becky” provided a solid foundation for his current success.
  6. Entrepreneurial Ventures:
    Jeff is not just an actor; he’s also an entrepreneur. He operates a cake baking and selling business under the brand ‘Cakes by Jeff,’ catering to occasions like birthdays and weddings. Additionally, he manages a somewhat inactive YouTube channel.
  7. Early Mornings and Challenges:
    As a lead actor, Jeff faces the challenge of waking up at 4 AM to review scripts and participate in rehearsals. Despite his love for sleep, he overcomes this hurdle with the support of his aunt and parents, who help him understand and memorize his lines.
  8. Special Bonds Off-Screen:
    Beyond the camera, Jeff shares a special bond with the actor portraying ‘Becky,’ who treats him like a second mother. He also enjoys a camaraderie with other characters on the show, engaging in activities like bike riding and playful pranks.
  9. Aspirations Beyond Acting:
    Despite his acting prowess, Jeff envisions a future beyond the stage. In interviews, he expresses a desire to pursue a career in journalism, drawing inspiration from prominent journalists such as Lulu Hassan, Jeff Koinange, and Rashid Abdalla.
  10. Future Plans:
    Looking ahead, Jeff has plans to buy a car for his parents, showcasing his gratitude for their support. He leaves aspiring actors with a motivational message: “You can make your idols be your rivals.”