Mackenzie buried his 2 wives in church altar-Magarini MP claims

During an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday, Magarini MP Harrison Kombe claimed that Pastor Paul Mackenzie buried two wives at the altar in his church. Kombe stated that Mackenzie began his ministry in Malindi before moving to Kilifi.

According to Kombe, Mackenzie lost his first wife and buried her in the church. When he lost his second wife, he did the same. Kombe further alleged that the church was shut down after the incident went viral, and Mackenzie resorted to farming.

Kombe went on to describe an encounter he had with a young man from Eldoret county who had escaped from Mackenzie’s camp while he was in Chakama commissioning a road construction project.

He took the young man to Malindi’s DCI offices, where he was surprised to hear the DCI deputy officer praising Mackenzie’s cleverness and ability to talk. Despite this, Mackenzie was released on bail of Sh10,000.