“Nikama Nimerogwa” I’ m 21 Years But I Have Been Married 3 Times With 3 Different Men,Pritty Vishy reveals

One of the most contentious figures in the Kenyan content creation and socialite scene, Pritty Vishy, has chosen to unveil her tumultuous past. Pritty has candidly shared the details of her marital history, highlighting the unraveling of all three of her marriages.

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Pritty Vishy acknowledged the truth about her age, being 21, and opened up about her three unsuccessful marriages, attributing their failures to various reasons.

She revealed that her first marriage occurred when she dropped out of school in seventh grade to marry her then-boyfriend. Although they stayed together for a period, their union eventually ended in heartbreak. Under the influence of her parents, she decided to return to school and terminated the relationship.

In her first year of high school, Pritty admitted to overstaying at her boyfriend’s residence. Upon returning home, she overheard her mother and grandmother planning to reprimand her. Faced with this, she chose to return to her boyfriend’s place, only for the marriage to end in failure once again.

During her second year of high school, Pritty became involved with the husband of her mother’s best friend, following a disagreement between the husband and wife. This marriage, too, faced challenges, leading to its dissolution due to threats from other women.

All three of Pritty Vishy’s marriages were characterized as “come we stay” arrangements, and she confessed uncertainty about her body count, estimating it to be between 10 to 15 or more.

Currently single and having parted ways with Madini Classics, Pritty expressed her intention to keep her next relationship private, avoiding public scrutiny.