Jane Wambui: I Worked In Saudi Arabia For 9 Years Only For My Daughter To Squander All The Ksh2 Million I Was Sending Her To Save 

Jane Wambui stands among the fortunate Kenyans who seized an opportunity to work abroad, venturing to Saudi Arabia for a period spanning nine years. Her objective was to enhance the quality of life for both herself and her daughter.

During her time in the Gulf country, Wambui dutifully sent money every month to her daughter, facilitating personal expenses and savings. Her aspiration was to return to Kenya and establish a business. However, an unforeseen turn of events unfolded as her daughter, unfortunately, squandered all the financial support provided by her mother.

As narrated by Muranga News, Wambui’s journey commenced in 2014 when she left Kenya for Saudi Arabia. Upon arrival, she found herself subjected to harsh working conditions under a cruel boss, with no designated workplace. Despite the initial challenges, Wambui persevered and spoke out against the mistreatment, which led to physical abuse, including being stabbed in the leg.

Despite the adversities, Wambui eventually found herself in a more favorable work environment, caring for the elderly. She worked diligently for over four months, but complications arose when she sought payment for her services. Undeterred, she confronted her employer and secured her rightful compensation. However, the challenges persisted, prompting Wambui to escape from her workplace and engage in various, often unpaid, menial jobs.

Wambui’s initial motivation for working in Saudi Arabia was to support her children back in Kenya. She left her son under her daughter’s care, providing them with a rented house. Despite the difficult circumstances, Wambui managed to send funds back home regularly, entrusting her daughter with the responsibility of managing the money.

She opened a bank account for her daughter to facilitate direct deposits, sending substantial amounts—up to Ksh 56,000—on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Despite the distance, Wambui maintained trust in her daughter, advising her not to misuse the funds. However, upon her return after nine years, she discovered that her daughter had recklessly spent the substantial savings on parties, alcohol, and indulging friends.

Wambui’s daughter had also ventured into online forex trading, depleting a significant portion of the savings. Additionally, she committed to a car purchase on credit, with a deposit of Ksh 500,000 and monthly payments of Ksh 62,500. The total savings amounted to over Ksh 2 million.

Wambui’s dreams of establishing a business in Kiambu town and continuing to support her family were shattered. Despite her daughter’s pleas for forgiveness, Wambui, who had diligently earned the money over the years, adamantly refuses to forgive unless the misappropriated funds are returned. The struggle that she endured to secure those funds has left an indelible mark on her resolve.