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TZ President Samia Suluhu  Demands Swift Action Over Cyclone Hidaya Impact

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan has issued directives to the National Disaster Management Committee, instructing them to promptly provide emergency assistance to regions affected by Cyclone Hidaya. This announcement was made during a recent meeting in Dodoma, led by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, where actions taken in response to the disaster were reviewed.

The President’s directive encompasses immediate actions to be taken in all areas affected by the cyclone-induced rainfall. Specifically, aid is to be dispatched to regions such as Mafia in the Coast Region, Kilwa in Lindi, and Ifakara in Morogoro. Prime Minister Majaliwa emphasized the urgency of the situation, particularly in Kilwa, where over 40 households are currently submerged in water. He commended the efforts of the Fire and Rescue Force in this regard, urging them to continue their rescue operations diligently and ensure the safety and well-being of all affected individuals.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Majaliwa tasked various government ministries and offices, including the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water, President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Governments (PORALG), Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence and National Service, and Ministry of Finance, with implementing urgent measures to mitigate further adverse impacts in the affected areas. He stressed the importance of swift repairs to damaged roads and the restoration of transportation services to normalcy.

The Prime Minister also commended the Disaster Management Department for their coordinated rescue efforts across all affected regions and encouraged them to continue their commendable work, especially in Ifakara, Kilwa, and Mafia. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that all affected citizens have access to safe areas and basic social services.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Majaliwa instructed the National Disaster Management Committee to oversee the distribution of assistance to victims, ensuring that it reaches them effectively. He emphasized the need for accountability, insisting that detailed information on the utilization of aid be provided once the situation returns to normalcy.