Inside Margaret Kenyatta's Wardrobe,African Kanga and short Grey Hair-Fashion Icon
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Inside Margaret Kenyatta Wardrobe and Iconic short Grey Hair- BEAUTIFUL

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta turned into an instant fashion symbol with her impeccable style when President Uhuru Kenyatta ascended to power in 2013.

Her trademark swaggy grey hair captured the attention of many, as she brightened up her dressing with African-themed outfits.

Margaret oozes a sense of fashion as she supplements her dressing with accessories. She has figured out how to keep it short and basic.

The first lady has various occasions gotten everyone’s attention at both local and global events with her exceptional closet.

At the point when she wears a Kanga, Margaret follows it up with a assortment of beaded jewellery.

On occasion, she has been spotted with a finished dress suit. Her affection for Swahili deras is significant.

However, addressing, Carol Odero, a prestige fashionista contended that there was something else to Margaret Kenyatta besides what she depicted in her fashion world. The Fashion Watch specialist argued that the first lady should venture out and promote fashion as Kenyans and the whole world have already labelled her a fashion icon.

“When she first came out, I was very happy with the idea of having a first lady who was stylish and attractive and could promote Kenyan fashion. But as time has gone by, I found out that I had issues with her style. She does not have a communications team who can break down her style by dressing her and then having her promote them.

“We don’t know who dresses her and if they are from Kenya or not. We think that they are because it just looks like they might be. Her style is easy to imitate for it’s very simple. She dresses like she is a private citizen but she is not. Her entire self is a platform for fashion and I don’t think she is using it to promote herself,” Odero argued.

The stylist went on to recommend that Margaret should be allowed to promote Kenyan fashion

“The people who say that the first lady should not be a fashion platform are misled. Once you become a fashion icon it sticks. I think she owes the fashion world more than she does.

“I also think it’s time the fashion world starts collecting from her by getting a high profile and engaged first lady,” she added.