"I Collect My Mothers Pee With My Bare Hands" Wambui Tells How Life Serves Her Lemon Since Childhood

“I Collect My Mothers Pee With My Bare Hands” Wambui Tells How Life Serves Her Lemon Since Childhood

Ann Wambui Maina cannot help but shed tears as she narrates her sad story of how life has always served her lemon since she was 4 months old.

She explains how she was diagnosed with polio at the age of 4 months only. Her mother tried seeking medication from Kenyatta Hospital but the only help she got was to insert a metal into the leg of Wambui so as to aid her walking.

Wambui accepted her situation and worked hard in school in order to make her future better. But after completing form four, she unexpectedly got pregnant and bore a son. Due to poverty, she could not afford to seek medical attention while pregnant something that affected his son negatively.

After delivery, his son was diagnosed with advanced typhoid, a disease that had already affected his brain reducing water supposed to support it. She tried to seek medication from different hospitals including Mathare Hospital, but all was in vain.

She narrates how her son loved education but got E’s every time. After completion of class eight, he could not go on and proposed that he wanted to pursue a course in repairing radios. But it seemed like his mental problem increased as he grew and could not continue with the course.

As if life was not done serving her lemon, it made it more sour as her old mum fell in December and dislocated his limb. Since then she is unable to do walk nor do anything, even urinates and pees on herself. Wambui tearfully explains how sometimes she is forced to collect her mums pee using bare hands since she cannot afford to buy tissue paper.

She humbly request well wishers to assist her financially and get medical attention for her son and mother.

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