Martha Karua ,Kenya In A Worse State Than Dark Days Of KANU Rule

NARC-Kenya party leader Martha Karua has voiced her dismay at the governance of the Kenya Kwanza regime, expressing concerns over what she perceives as a disregard for the well-being of citizens, leading the nation into a state of severe decline.

During a conversation with former MP Cyrus Jirongo on the Savage Politics show, Karua asserted that the current leadership of Kenya falls short in comparison to the dark days of the KANU regime under former President Daniel Moi.

Karua highlighted the heavy burden of taxation imposed on citizens, coupled with a projected tripling of this burden according to the budget outlook statement. She lamented the deterioration of public services and the decline in the quality of leadership, prompting reflection on the nation’s past.

Drawing a comparison between the worst and best periods in Kenya’s recent history, Karua emphasized the stark contrast between the end of the KANU era and the early days of the Kibaki administration, asserting that the current situation surpasses even the darkest days of KANU rule.

Dubbed the ‘iron lady’, Karua pointed fingers at Kenyan voters for electing individuals with questionable leadership track records rather than those capable of prudent governance. She criticized the electorate for taking leadership for granted and for their complacency during the Kibaki administration, which extended into the Uhuru era when the economy was still buoyant.

Karua urged Kenyans to awaken from their slumber, eschew sycophancy, and choose leaders of integrity while remaining vigilant to hold them accountable. She emphasized that the power to rectify the situation lies in the ballot box, urging every Kenyan to engage in this critical debate and make informed decisions.