Displaced Households in kenya To Receive Kes 10,000 Stipend

President William Ruto has recently announced a series of measures aimed at alleviating the plight of those affected by the relentless floods currently wreaking havoc across Kenya. Addressing the issue in Mathare, Ruto pledged support to the approximately 40,000 households displaced by the calamity. Each of these households is slated to receive a stipend of Kes 10,000, facilitating their search for temporary accommodations until further directives from the government are issued.

Furthermore, in a bid to address the long-term repercussions of the floods, Ruto assured affected families of the provision of alternative land as the process of restoring riparian zones commences. Emphasizing the government’s commitment to education amidst the crisis, Ruto disclosed a Kes 1 billion allocation for the nationwide reconstruction of schools damaged by the floods.

The toll of the ongoing deluge is staggering, with over 228 fatalities recorded and thousands more forced to flee their homes. The Interior Ministry has issued warnings of exacerbating conditions, forecasting heightened rainfall and subsequent flooding, particularly in low-lying, riparian, and urban areas. Moreover, the looming threat of landslides and mudslides persists in regions characterized by steep terrain features such as slopes, escarpments, and ravines.

The repercussions of the floods extend beyond human casualties, ravaging homes, roads, bridges, and critical infrastructure across Kenya, the economic powerhouse of East Africa.