KRG The Don shows off his new Nike Air Force 1 sneakers which cost Ksh263,000  -

KRG The Don shows off his new Nike Air Force 1 sneakers which cost Ksh263,000 

Dancehall star Stephen Karuga, also known as KRG the Don, recently unveiled his new pair of Air Force 1 low cut sneakers, which cost him a whopping $2,200 or Ksh263,000. The musician took to social media to showcase his blue-colored sneakers, captioning the photo with “Alooh, ni bughaa.”

KRG is one of the wealthiest musicians in Kenya, and he has been the subject of rumors about his involvement in money laundering schemes and other illegal activities. However, he recently denied these allegations and explained that he is involved in various legitimate businesses.

“I am in so many businesses. I have a business in almost every sector in this country,” KRG said. “I’m in real estate and own properties, transport business, I sell cars through several yards, and finally, I’m in the music business. I’m also a brand ambassador of several brands. And on top of that, I’m also a mini-partner in other businesses.”

KRG emphasized that these businesses are what generate his income and enable him to purchase luxury items such as his expensive sneakers. He also addressed the rumors surrounding his alleged criminal activity, stating that he would not be able to conduct this interview if he were a criminal.

KRG further explained that he does not earn much money from his music career in Kenya because his music is not widely supported. Despite this, he remains a popular figure in the music industry and continues to expand his business ventures.