John Kiriamiti Explains Details Behind Kisumu Bank Heist.

Former Bank robber, John Kiriamiti has explained details behind the drama witnessed in Kisumu yesterday, November 23, 2021 as thieves held a bank hostage for over four hours.

Kiriamiti speaking to a local daily described the events as pure drama stating that Kenyans should not praise the situation as something from the movies.

The renowned author of best-selling novels like My Life In Crime and My Life In Prison stated that Kenyans should fist take time in understanding the events rather than jumping into immediate conclusions.

There’s nothing much, just wait until you hear the news tomorrow, that is when we will understand the country Kenya,

he stated.

Kiriamiti also went on to suggest that the robbery might have been an inside job masterminded and executed by individuals with paramilitary training.

Notably, police officers announced that the four gunmen had escaped after a four hour gun battle.

The announcement stated that the four disguised themselves as customers and managed to free the crime scene unnoticed.