Wangechi Wa Kariuki Reveals How Her Mum Struggled Despite Having A Rich Husband.
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Wangechi Wa Kariuki Opens up About her Deadbeat Dad and struggles she went through while growing up

With the current baby mama and daddies drama and every Kenyan Celebrity jumping into the wagon for cheap hypes, lots of mistakes happen and the most affected will be the kid in cases of pregnancy.

Kameme TV presenter, Wangechi Wa Kariuki has come out to narrate how her mother struggled to bring them up despite having a rich dad who had initially parted ways with their mother.

Taking to Facebook, Wangechi said that she watched her Mum suffer but she never talked negatively about her seven children.

“Today let us just discuss this’ I feel for our innocent children do we have to subject them to soo much drama surely. I remember part of my childhood we didn’t have our dad with us ”seven of us’i mean seven 7 mugwanja’ and my mum was just a mere farmer,” she said.

“She really struggled to bring us up ‘and at no time did I see her subjecting us to ridicule or doing push and pull or even mentioning to us about our dad absence,’ Wangechi stated.

“Later when my brothers were grown ups they traced and looked for our dad who was indeed very rich those of you who knows us can attest to that, from then we were free to visit dad when we wanted na mamangu hakuwa na problem.”


“But my mum choose to peacefully’raise us in peace with the little she had and with no dramas.To me incase it’s not rape Ladies before you give birth to a kid’just make sure that you are ready psychologically to bring up your child.”

“If incase your man neglects you And if you have to fight. pls dont involve the kid to such murky situations,” She concluded.

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