Christina Shusho Speaks on Her Collapsed Marriage

The recent conduct of Pastor Victor Mwangi Kanyari, a controversial figure in Nairobi’s religious landscape, has once again ignited public scrutiny. His recent remarks and actions have prompted questions regarding the consistency of his teachings and personal behavior.

During a recent church service, Pastor Kanyari, known for his extravagant demeanor and contentious statements, discussed his engagement with the social media platform TikTok. Despite confessing to being a user himself, he cautioned his followers against its usage, citing concerns about its purportedly ungodly content and characterizing its users as “crazy people.”

He remarked, “Just stick to the television. All crazy people are on TikTok. Watch Prophetic TV and Shifu TV, not TikTok. All crazy people in the world are on TikTok.”

Additionally, Kanyari’s divulgence about his personal life, including anecdotes about women pursuing him and his daughter’s education expenses, has added fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding him.

This is not the first instance where Pastor Kanyari has faced criticism for his actions. He has previously been embroiled in scandals involving alleged exploitation of his followers for financial gain.

Despite encountering backlash and even legal repercussions, Kanyari has persisted in maintaining a prominent presence within Nairobi’s religious community.