Guardia Angel: I was Raised By a Single Mother Because My Dad Denied the Responsibility.

The life story of Guardian Angel is a captivating narrative of resilience, faith, and transformation. As a steadfast believer in God, he has weathered numerous challenges to become one of Kenya’s unwavering gospel artists, never faltering in his devotion.

Born in 1989 as Audiohaxed Peter Omwaka, Guardian Angel’s journey began with adversity. His mother, facing rejection from her baby’s father, had to devise a plan for his upbringing. Initially sent to live with his grandparents in Butere, Guardian was soon turned away due to land disputes, compelling him to seek refuge at his father’s place.

Choosing an unconventional path, Guardian became a street boy (Chokora) in Butere, despite his grandfather’s affluence. Despite the family’s wealth, he subsisted on scraps and leftovers, showcasing his resilience in the face of adversity.

Later, Guardian moved to Nairobi to live with his struggling mother, facing the harsh realities of life. Unable to pay rent due to unemployment, they eventually returned to Butere, where Guardian’s life took a tumultuous turn. Engaging in reckless behavior, he narrowly escaped death after a confrontation with the police involving a panga.

A turning point occurred when Guardian embraced Christianity and embarked on a new life. Rescued from the streets by Ahadi Children’s Home in Nairobi, he pursued both his education and budding music career. His talents flourished, winning numerous awards in high school drama festivals and releasing the album “Living Bread” after graduation.

Guardian’s breakthrough came in 2018 with a Groove Award, marking a pivotal moment in his career. His popularity soared, leading to collaborations with renowned brands and an influx of shows. Despite initial struggles, his music became a lucrative venture.

In 2011, Guardian Angel met Esther Musila, his love and life partner, despite facing social media scrutiny due to their age difference. Esther, at 52 in 2022, played a significant role in Guardian’s life, providing support as they ventured into business together. The couple legally tied the knot in 2021.

Their combined efforts yielded success, resulting in the ownership of several businesses and a record label. Guardian Angel’s affluent lifestyle includes a poultry farm worth millions and an impressive collection of cars, including a luxurious Mercedes Benz. The couple resides in a lavish house in Nairobi, generously sharing their wealth with the less fortunate.

Guardian Angel’s journey from the streets to success is not only a testament to his resilience but also highlights the transformative power of faith and the unwavering support of a life partner.